At the Resident Evil Jackets there are certain Terms & Conditions that you may abide by to follow to ace the game of fashion.

Payment & Products Offered At The Site

You need a valid credit or payment card to purchase with the (PayPal, Stripe, American Express or any form of Payment). We give the full authority of payment to the customers. Unless they need a legal authorization to do so. You have all the legal authorization to do so. The clients are asked to fulfil certain requirements that include the shipping address, the credit card expiration date and payment of the credit card.

CopyRight Disclaimer

All the content at the website is protected by the copyright disclaimer including the images, logos, illustrations. If used without permission you will be issued a notification by the website authorities and asked to change it immediately.

Prices, Colors and Availability

We have mentioned at the website that all the prices are subjected to change. If the credit card has already been charged and you want to make the payment then you must have this payment method. Notwithstanding, the payment card has already been charged for the payment.

Payment Terms

At the Resident Evil Jackets Shop you may agree to make the payment as per the price of the product including the shipping charges submitted at the time of the order. If the customer faces any issue while placing the order or any issue during the receiving of the amount they can contact our customer support team.